Type of hair works for straightening your hair completely. It’s less prone to tangling because the relaxing process eliminates the kinks and bends in natural hair fibers.  This reduces the risk of breakage. Most ladies find it easier to maintain their hair when their hair is relaxed.

Texturising is loosening the hair curls without fully straightening it. Texturisers lets go of the tight curls into waves and make it easier to comb your hair unlike relaxers which straighten hair completely.

Hair treatments strengthen the hair follicles, increases cell metabolism and stimulates blood which nourishes the roots that leads to natural hair rebirth. Hair treatments also helps to normalize oil secretions.

Natural hair is hair whose texture hasn’t been tampered with by chemical straighteners, we offer comb curls/finger coils, flexi rods, straw set which basically helps weigh down the hair and properly define the curl pattern neatly.


Hair coloring is the art of changing hair color. One can color hair to restore original hair color or to have a different hair color as a fashion trend.

Hair coloring adds thickness to hair, improves our appearance, We use Revlon, Nouvella, Crème of nature, Orefluido, Dark & Lovely and Henna