Texturizing is loosening the hair curls without fully straightening it giving it a more natural look.

Texturizers lets go of the tight curls into waves and make it easier to comb your hair unlike relaxers which straighten hair completely.

Texturizers Vs Relaxers

Just a minor difference between texturized and relaxed hair. Both entail using chemicals that alter your hair texture permanently. The only difference lies in the time factor.

A texturizer has botanical ingredients applied on your hair for 5 to 10 minutes unlike relaxers which are left on your hair for 15 to 20 minutes. Relaxers need to be processed by a neutralizer and conditioner. These heavily loaded chemicals in a relaxer may cause permanent damage to your hair if not done with the right procedure and timing.

Texturizing only loosens the curls to some extent. They release the tight curls into waves and make it easier to comb your hair. A relaxer will straighten your hair 100%. Relaxers contain sodium hydroxide that alters the pH of your hair, making it very straight.

What Are The Benefits Of Texturized Hair?

What Are The Challenges Of Texturized Hair?

  • Hair has multiple textures
  • You have to touch in up in 6 to 12 weeks depending with hair growth, if you don’t and the growth is unmanageable may have to go for the big chop as the texturized hair will fall off.