The process of removing unwanted hair from a part of the body by applying wax and peeling off the wax and hairs together. Our waxing package is as follows :

Face wax

Ksh. 500

Underarm waxing

Ksh. 500

Full leg (both legs) waxing

Ksh. 1500

Half leg (both legs) waxing

Ksh. 1000

Full arms (both arms) waxing

Ksh. 1500

Bikini waxing

Ksh. 2000

Full Bikini and underarm waxing

Ksh. 2500



Benefits of Waxing

  • Leaves your skin smooth and evened out. Skin will feel smooth and even. While waxing, you remove unwanted hair as well as dead skin cells.
  • You aren’t at risk to any cuts or bruises that can leave you with scars. This is good for those who have skin that is susceptible to discoloration.
  • Waxing removes unwanted hair fully from its roots. Shaving, often results in stubbles, leaving your skin feeling rough.
  • There are less chemicals involved in the waxing process, so waxing rarely causes any skin irritation.
  • Minimal hair re-growth. After waxing, the growth of your hair is very slow, oftenly takes 4 to 6 weeks. 

Waxing Before and After Tips

  • Exfoliate the day before your appointment.
  • Use a deodorant without antiperspirant if you will be getting an underarm wax. The hair comes off easier.
  • Avoid any hot treatments for 24 hours post-waxing (bath, sauna, steamer, tanning bed).